Diferent ship rotation speed for client and server

Ive been at this problem for ages, used to have a sync problem with location of ships, now thankfully that is fixed but now the server ship moves faster than the client ship, here is my blueprints ignore the mess.

Heres video of it happening on rotation, the faster ship is the server and slowest is client.

The event thrust is set to multicast, and thrustserver is set to run on server, both have reliable on.

the inputs.

Any ideas would be welcome!

That’s not a great way to do it, the client has to wait for the server to send the “thrust” function instead of letting the client do it.

Your server should probably only replicate the “Axis Value” from the MoveUp input event, then let the client do the rotating depending on that value.

Ill try replicate the variables again, which is what i used to do before, but one of the reasons its done this way is one to get everything in sync, because i did have it so the clients did the moment and run into sync problems where the ships in the end weren’t in the correct locations on server and client, this was the only fix i could come up with to solve that, i know its not ideal as the motion for the client on the server player is not smooth, so I know theres something wrong somewhere.

Ok I just setup replicated on a axis variable, one the client never sends it to the server (ie ship is a pawn), the server however dose send its axis to the client, and of course ship position is of course now out of sync again, why the heck is networking so god darn difficult in unreal to get working. there should be some kind of synchronous option available in unreal.

The only thing i can think of trying next is to use a character blueprint instead of a pawn, this way the movement should be sent to the server and that should be in sync, i cant think of any other way to fix my current setup in the blueprints.

Ok this has got to be a bug in unreal networking, because ive tried everything even using a character is the same only worse results, no matter what way i do it… why is networking blueprinting so unusable in unreal ? my game is multilayer only and because of this i cannot complete my project anymore, the game is dead…