Dictate conditions for "on component end overlap (check for payer trigger)

hello, so basic description is i have a siding door that i am able to open with an input action and auto closes when i leave the event box “on component end overlap (check for player trigger)” the issue is that when i enter the event box and leave without opening the door, it triggers the event/animation. is there a way i can make it only trigger if the door is open?

any input would be greatly appreciated.

i can dm string script so you can plug and play and see what i did wrong or am missing.

The Easiest way is to have a bool that tells you when the door is open.

Just update your close event to only close the door when it’s open :slight_smile:

The slightly more elaborate way is to have a DoOnce on the close and the open. When the door has finished opening, it resets the ‘close DoOnce’, when the door has finished closing, it resets the ‘open DoOnce’.

It that case the ‘close DoOnce’ is set to closed to start with ( it’s a tick box on the node ).

thank you