Dialogue: Typing in and Pasuing the Game

Hello everyone good to be back here.
How are you all?

I’m running into a slight problem.

I understand how to draw text to a HUD, but I want the game to pause when this happens. So in other words, the player would walk to the trigger and the text would appear. The game will pause and when the player presses, say the “left mouse button” the dialogue will disappear and the game will continue.

However, there was something else I need. Does anyone know how to get the Old-School adventure game effect where the text will “type” itself onto the screen or at the least fade into the screen.
I hate that the screen just pops up without warning, I’d rather have it fade in/type in when the trigger is touched (and have the game pause).

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

~ Jason

I didn’t know more about the game effect. I just like to play all games. If it is possible I can discuss in this one with my friend and share the information regarding how to implement the effect when typing.