Diacritical mark crashes UE 4.8.3 (OS X)


Apparently there’s a bug in handling ¨-character (Diacritical mark) in UE 4.8.3, at least on OS X (10.10.5).
Every time when I accidentally type it in somewhere, UE crashes immediately. It’s pretty easy to type it in
by accident as on Scandinavian keyboard, it’s right next to “Enter” -key.

Looks like on 4.9 this issue is fixed, as it doesn’t crash if ¨ makes an appearance.
I’d be using 4.9. if it didn’t have another issue, which is already being fixed.

Hi ,

Thanks for report. I believe this is a known issue in 4.8 that was, as you mention, fixed in 4.9 (UE-20079). There won’t be any more hotfixes for 4.8, so hopefully you’ll be able to move to 4.9 (once other problem is resolved) if this is a critical issue for you.

Thank you for reply. I wasn’t aware that 4.8 wasn’t receiving hotfixes anymore. Sorry for unnecessary bug report.