Diablo tipe game mmo maybe tecnical info help pls

Hi i got an interesting question here lets say i want to make a game like diablo , Now my character is controlled by me ‘‘human’’ the enemy are controlled by ‘‘Mr.BOT’’ but i want my charact to summon a ‘‘Dog’’ , first Who is controlling the dog? Alied bot or diferent ? If is a bot it will be counted as player , Just say i go a server of 8 players 8 humans online no bot can join cuz server is full ? Or can i make 8 humans server full and 50 bots? And if isnt 2 much to ask can u lead me to a tutorial on how to spawn alied dogs or turrets ecc. Thanks 100000x9999. :slight_smile: srry 4 bad English.

Some one Answer pls wtf. Look at asked date. :frowning:

THE LOL HUB … thx for the support, close question , uninstall ue4 , bye bye…