DGI causes crash on Fullscreen Launch or Oculus


My team is currently unable to do Oculus testing, or fullscreen launch testing for that matter. We’re sure it’s our own faults, as we did have it working on day one. We switched to DGI (dynamic global illumination), so we think that might have to do with the problem.

Here is a crash dump

Turing off global illumination solved all of our problems. Will dynamic global illumination be supported for Oculus or full-screen testing in the future?

Hi James.

Thank you for your report regarding the crash issue that you have been experiencing. I was able to easily reproduce the crash with the Oculus, though running a game in fullscreen on my monitor did not produce a crash. I have submitted a bug report for the Oculus crash, and it has been assigned to a developer for further investigation.

The Dynamic Global Illumination feature is still in beta and not fully functional, and we are continuing to work on it. I cannot make any guarantees, but it should be available to be used in the future.

Have a great day!