DFAO : The skylight cast shadows from a transluscent object.

Hello everybody !

In my project, I use DFAO and I have some meshes that I use to show the sight of my units.
I use the distance field of these meshes to merge them visually.
They use a translucent material (additive, to be precise but the problem is the same with any setting here).

My problem is that the skylight cast dynamic shadows from them.
If I deactivate the shadows on these meshes, the distance field disappear and the merging is broke.

The best solution I found is to deactivate the shadow casting from the skylight but I lose a lot of detail in my shadows…

I try to give the meshes a different light channel but this doesn’t affect the shadows…
Is there a way to remove the shadows cast by the skylight for a specific object without altering the distance field ?

I also want to know this