@Devs Referencing the Rex_Roar_Montage

How am I able to reference that to the Rex_Character_BP? Can’t seem to find out.

Underneath the Rex_Character_BP’s animation blueprint. Search for animation blueprints under the content browser, and search for “rex”. Then just edit the roar montage as desired.

I’ll try that out tomorrow, thanks!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:

I changed the roar, but unfortunately the problem still remains.

I’m just mssing the reference to the Rex_Character_BP. the original Montage got these right.

Just bumping because I really need an answer. :smiley:

I’m not sure what you problem is, can you give us more detail?

Well, the original Rex_Roar_Montage (the one you hear ingame) is referenced to the original Rex_Character_BP. I made a duplicate of the Rex_Roar_Montage, edited it (sounds fine) and then duplicated the Rex_Character_BP.

Problem is that the new sound doesn’t play ingame, because (I guess) it isn’t properly referenced to the new Rex_Character_BP like the vanilla one. So my question is how I can do that? :smiley: (the image is my new Rex_Roar_Montage with the missing reference)

When you “right” click your copied rex, does it still try to activate it’s secondary attack (the dino roar) or is it doing something else? Making sure that the right click activates your modified roar is the key to this problem I think.

When I right click the “new” Rex plays the same sound as the vanilaa one. That’s the problem. :frowning: (he doesn’t recognize the new roar because of the missing reference I think)

If it helps, the devs told me that a while ago: “With a Mod, you’d have to duplicate the animations/Montages in question, then replace the cues on the duplicates, and then subclass whatever was referencing the original anims, set the new anims into that, and make sure PrimalGameData was pointing or replacing to your new Class.”

Question: Is the audio file in question/cue in question being put in said mod folder when cooking? And is it actually cooking out? (Check manually). Basic questions, I know, just bear with me here.

Yeah it is, here is my mod folder: d53e59c0f32ff315c9e195000f7445ebcefa7bd8.jpeg

I think it is, what am I looking for? I get alot of warnings in the cooking process (7963 to be exact) and 0 errors, but alot of “can’t find file…” or “adding package, package is up to date” stuff.

Okay, it is in the mod folder inside of the ADK. Can you navigate to the folder that the ADK is located in on your OS/HD and check under “Modtools” and then “Output” to see if all the files are cooking out into that folder?

Note: Don’t worry about warnings during cooking, those are normal and to be expected. I just want to make sure this is not a cooking issue.

Interesting, my Modtools folder only contains these files: fea71e7907eb841bf966e495ee694cdd7f7b95f6.jpeg

Ah my apologies, I meant Output, silly me (doh). You should see a folder titled the same as your mod folder, and inside of there should be all the files.

Note: Sorry for the delayed responses at the moment. I’ve got family in town for the weekend, so I’m a bit tied up at points today.

No problem mate, I’m just happy that there are people actively helping me. :smiley:

d6f0820bd8d1d5460f7a94bdfa798d0c53ac0b4f.jpeg These are the files in my Output folder (the windows and linux ones contain the same files)

Yeah it appears as if it’s not actually cooking out at all (unless your mod files are inside of either of those two folders shown in above ss). Are you using a primalgamedata_bp to reference the modded rex?

Only other thing I could think of is; Have you not re-added the new modified rex_roar_montage to the Rex’s Animation BP? If not, how you do it is: Click and drag the animation into the Rex’s Animation BP where you see the rest of the animations at.

In the folders are the exact same files as outside, but the your sescond points are interesting. The modded rex is perfectly referenced to the new primalgamedata_bp aswell as the Rex_Anim_BP, but (as you can see) the Rex_Anim_BP has both Rex_Roar_Montages in it.

But, if that’s normal, I can still only think of the missing reference of the Rex_Roar_Montage1 to the Rex_Character_BP (for example the vanilla Rex_Roar_Montage is referenced to the original Rex_Character_BP) or the weird cooking “error”.

You will want to actually replace in this case the original Rex-Roar(s) with the modified ones I believe. Meaning adding no extra’s in the animation graph’s asset browser (because that won’t actually “remap” them or add them).

So it should then look like this overall (Ignore the animation viewport in my screenshot, just focus on the asset browser for animations):