Development Build Crashing Upon Opening

I am working my way through the shooter demo as a way to learn the UE system and architecture since I just started using UE (I used Unity for 2-3 years). I would like to be able to use the console when building a standalone application and to do that I need to package the project as “Development”. Unfortunately the project builds and packages correctly but when I launch the .exe it crashes a few seconds into the UE4 splash screen. I am building the project by File-> Package Project → Windows → 64-bit. Just wondering what I am doing wrong since it doesn’t seem to be a wide spread problem with the project?

As with everything do in this order

  1. Restart computer
  2. Verify Engine and try again
  3. Re-install engine and try again
  4. make sure overclocking is not set too high
  5. Try 32 bit windows
  6. Try shipping build just to see
  7. Check code/blueprints for errors
  8. You may just be in need of a format, blame windows at this step.

And trying hitting the compile button and build (for lighting, navigation etc) and in packing options make sure you follow the packaging guide to the T

Try a cook first and then package. Also this can happen if folder paths exceed the 255 char limit. Try cooking to C:\Z\

or whatever hardrive, then a single letter folder and check that none of your content folders have extremely long names that might go voer 255 chars (/game/assets/audio/soundfx/beta/human/speech/sentances/sentance00_why_hello_there_how_are_you.uasset can get very long very quickly)

I have tried basically everything list here. I forgot to mention above that shipping builds work perfectly. How would I go about verifying the engine?

Also packaging in debug mode also builds and packages correctly but crashes the same way that the dev build does.

Ok. Things are now working. I went ahead a followed the guides that you posted. My project was already setup accordingly. I went ahead and repaired my Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x64) 12.0.21005 and restarted. Now both the development and debug builds run correctly. Thanks for the help!

Yeah the errors suggested it was the redist I couldnt remember if it .net or c++ sorry I suggested the wrong one. GLad you got it working.

Not a problem at all. Thanks again for the help!