Developers in Denmark?

I will write this in English in case you live in Denmark and haven’t learned the language yet.
How many of us are actively using UE4 and what are we working on?
I’m currently working on a very simple shooter game with bots. Think PacMan with an AK-47 and nothing more.
First project I work on after spending hundreds of hours exploring what UE4 can deliver.
My expertise is sound.

Hi, at the moment I try to do AR Android apps, but there are not so many useful tutorials out there.

Jeg arbejder i øjeblikket lidt med at lave strategi/simulations spillet “UFO Airlines”. Skulle nogen af jer være interesseret i at prøve det, så kan i finde det her Game Jolt - Share your creations

Vil i læse lidt mere om spillet, så kan i se lidt mere her UFO Airlines -

Jeg har også lavet denne lille introduktions video til spillet.