Develop with a VR headset on at all times


So I’m currently trying to make a VR game, mostly just for fun. But I find it to be a struggle to always have to remove and put on the Vive after each and every test with the blueprints. Debugging can take a lot of time.

How can I continue to work on my blueprints with the headset on and not having to take it off? Is there even a way?


You’re looking for this: Unreal Engine VR Mode | Unreal Engine Documentation

Keep in mind that this improves with every update and you will always be limited by the specifications of the headset.

Sadly not as this does not allow you to edit blueprints last time I checked.

I tried using UE4 using the “Bigscreen” virtual desktop, but something went wrong when exiting VR preview mode. There are other virtual desktop programs, if anyone has any experience with them, please post here!!!

Thanks for your input!! I agree, we need more tips and tricks on how to achieve a good dev environment. Right now it’s a hassle having to put on and take of the headset all the time!