Determinism doesn't work with Mesh Location

I would like to use Determism to make identical copies of particle systems that form patterns when tiled. This works fine as long as I use a built-in emitter location like a Box or a Sphere: in every instance the particles spawn from the same spots. But with a custom static mesh as emitter location the particles are spawned from random locations. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?

A workaround is using a skeletal mesh instead of a static mesh. And you can just import a static mesh as skeletal. I hope this doesn’t add too much overhead.

Sadly a skeletal mesh emitter does not work in a packaged build.

Determinism still doesn’t work with static mesh sampling (it works only when sampling from a skeletal mesh). I guess that it’s because the random triangle function doesn’t have randomization settings like its skeletal mesh counterpart (you can see it when you open the Sample Static Mesh module).

(tested on UE5 EA)