Determine Which Hand Actor Is Attached To - 4.13 VR Template

So yeah, maybe this is a very basic question but it seem like it would be an easy thing to do, I just can’t figure it out.

I’m picking up a modified pickup object (like cube but its a gun mesh) and I need for the object to know which hand it is currently in so an input from the player can be determined. The cube_BP only looks to see if either of the two hands are colliding with it. I want for it to be able to tell which one it gets attached to. If its in the right hand, right motion controller trigger should activate an action but left controller trigger doesn’t need to fire the same action on that item. However, the player should be able to hold the guns and be able to use the trigger input on them. I ask this because I could very well create a new player blueprint and add two motion controller points in but since this is “THE” template I was wanting to see if anyone had done this already.


I would make an interface with a function like “set pickup hand”. Then just implement it on all objects you can pick up, and call it on a completed pickup.

I figured out a way to do it and it works perfectly. It’s probably not the most streamlined version but it works. I just made a new player pawn (since its going to be Vive exclusive for now anyway) and I have two separate motion controllers, meshes, and grab spheres to go with them. I re-did the functions in the 4.13 template and gave 3 functions to each hand. I may post my doings later as I have guns that are up and shooting now that check which hand they are in and when to allow input.