Detection by affiliation problem

If I spawn an actor by code, it doesnt detect the same actors, as an actor that is placed by hand.

As you can see… The One I placed by Hand ignores the other one (just as intended)


But the one I place by code does detect the other one.
Auto possess AI is set to World or Spawned.
I also checked my script execution, and there is no way it overrides the Generic Team ID with wrong values at any point.
I have no idea how to fix this. Please help.

It is correct. Also it’s the same on both.

Does the AI controller class just below the Auto possess AI option correct? Can you check it?

So if anyone else is struggeling with this. I found the answer to my problem.
The AI Sense Configs have to be configured after the possession if you spawn your AI Character at runtime.
If you Place them by Hand in the world you can configure the senses inside the AI Controller Constructor.