Detecting Connection Status

I have a basic main menu running with buttons, one connects to local, one to remote (an address and port i predetermine) and one is single player. When i try to connect to a server that doesnt exist i want it to time out and allow me to handle that.

I have created a game instance and set it in maps and modes. then in my widget i cast to it and try to call a variable that is set editable:

Then to test if im getting anything i run a check for network failure and set a string based on the result:

The variable is set at default “ok” and that is what i show when i try to connect to a server that isnt running, which it should not do. It is casting just fine however the network failure event is not firing at all. it never actually detects a network failure and never sets the variable… What am i doing wrong?

no one has any idea?

I am looking for a similar feature. Did you find any solutions?