Detect User Focus on Widgets with Parent Classes (Possibly a Big Fix)

I made one User Inferface with a Blueprint Widget; works great.

Wishing to make a similar-looking menu, I added a new one using the original menu as a Parent Class. This unaltered child could still be used; the buttons could be navigated as before, pressing them still carried out their functions as expected, but I noticed that the side text I had that showed the name of the currently active button no longer showed that; its variable stayed at its default value when I moved around the Menu buttons. Further research showed that the HasAnyUserFocus always returned False for all 4 buttons despite showing focus visually during gameplay (dotted outline was still there and still moved to the correct button via the gamepad). This happened even when the Parent Widget as a whole was made Focusable.

I heard Widgets don’t inherit Interactivity from Parents; only variables and functions. Can this be changed so that inherited buttons can properly return their Has User Focus status?

Edit: I the User Focus detection working for one but not the other Child Widget derived from the Parent Class. Not sure why that is

Edit Again: I didn’t realize the Event Tick inherited from the Parent was shut off by default and had to activated for child Widgets in the same class.

Still, I don’t understand how earlier, this graph would return a No despite it seeming impossible: