Detail panel default view settings and Find Item node for structures with irrelevant values


I’d like to make two suggestions:

  1. From what I noticed the details panels of various windows reset after every restart of the engine or after closing an asset window. I’d like to be able to save default view settings. There are many categories I hardly ever need and they either take up screenspace or I find myself hiding them all the time. Like the “Actor” category of any actor or all of the LOD categories of my simple static meshes. I’d also like this feature to save the current distance of the vertical line that separates the names from the variables because on my single 1080p monitor I sometimes cannot read the whole name of an entry by default:

  2. I often use custom structure arrays in blueprints and what I could often need is a “Find Item”-node that lets me specify which of the variables in the structure are relevant for this search and which are not. Here is an example with all the nodes I could save by having the mentioned node:

As you can see, I’d like to find the first entry that matches a certain “Brick” and “Color” value. The “Amount” value does not matter. I would create a macro or function like this myself but I can’t see any way to make it work dynamically with any structure. To specify which values are relevant, you could use the same show/hide-pins-options as in the “Break [structure]” or “Set members in [structure]” nodes:

A bonus would be if there was a variant of each “Find Item”-node that returns an array of all the entries that match the criteria instead of returning the index of the first item they find.

Thank you for reading! :slight_smile: