Destuctible Component serialization?

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if it’s possible to save the state of the destructible component - state of the fragmentation and state of all the chunks? I’m prototyping a tactical combat arena and I was hoping to use destructible mesh for the environment. So far I have been unsuccessful with both blueprint and C++ saving according to the wiki guide. I was also trying Rama’s binary serialization by calling Serialize() on UDestructibleComponent, however all I’m getting is a segfault :frowning:

What am I missing?

Also: pretty much every guide for saving/loading implements loading as first instantiating SaveGame object and then getting new one from LoadGameFromSlot, which should pretty much throw the first object away (hopefully getting it garbage collected). Why is that so? According to my tests the loading procedure seems to be working just fine without the “pre-instatiation”.

After a bit of debugging it seems like serializing UObjects to FMemoryArchive is not allowed which gives me the crash. That’s a bummer. However according to NVIDIA, serialization of the destruction module should be fairly simple (save for integration with the rest of the engine).

Any chance anybody knows when (and if) will this feature be implemented? If I was to implement this myself, any pointers would be appreciated.