Destructible meshes


I have this destructible mesh and I would like to be able to modify this slider trough blueprints. I want it to gradually “explode”(broken but stick together a bit by magic) and after the player hits it enough I want it too explode.
This slider does exactly what I want before the player breaks it!

But I can’t find a way to do this. It just explodes whenever the player hits the destructible mesh.
I tried enabling/disabling physics but the chunks do not care. Also tried making the rigidbody sleep didn’t work either.

If you want too replicate this you have to add destructible meshes as a plugin since 4.18.

Thx already!

The destructibles breaking is all through physics. Youd have to constantly disable and re enable physics for each chunk. Unfortunately, i dobt think theres any way to refer to the chunks seperately like that nor is there a way to disable physics on them after theyve broken (i could be wrong on those tho). But as far as damaging it a certain amount, and not just exploding on impact, i made a video that might help you out Melee Weapon Part 6 UE4 Destructibles tutorial. - YouTube