Destructible mesh made from smaller meshes

My game is puts you in the role of a plastic army guy. I want to build some structures out of legos and Lincoln logs that can be destroyed given damage from weapons or vehicle collisions, and when destroyed the individual legos and Lincoln logs break free and fall into a pile. What’s the best way to do this? I want be able to damage the bottom level of the structure and have the top recognize it doesn’t have a support and fall. I also want the mesh to not be constantly checking the physics of the whole structure.

I tested that feature out by simulating the physics of all the individual meshes and building the structure out of them. Unfortunately the structure would jostle around as it tried to compute the physics sim for everything. Ideally I want to be able to have a good amount of the structures in my game.

You can default the meshes to not simulate physics. Then if they take damage, turn on physics and apply force.

I’m trying out your idea, and it shows a lot of promise. However I’m having trouble getting the health as it changes or the damage value from the event any damage. the event seems to not output any value (it’s truncated), and the health variable stays constant.

This is my blueprint so far. I don’t know why the health isn’t updating

Sorry to bump. But I am really stuck. I’ve been struggling to find an answer on my own for hours and hours

The issue with your BP is that it is only checking that health value at Begin Play and not after the BP takes damage. You should create a custom event that is called to check that value

Thank you very much for setting me in the right direction.

Is there a better way to simulate multiple static meshes within the blueprint. It would be nice if I didn’t have to wire all of them to the “Set Simulate Physics” node by hand since there are 50 or so of them.

You could create a ‘Base Blueprint’ which contains all of the physics stuff and then use that as the base for you actual blueprint