Destructible Mesh Interior Materials Bugged for 4.20 and 4.21+?

It seems like it’s entirely impossible to get chunks to have an interior material in 4.20+. I’ve tried with a plethora of different meshes and they all yield the exact same result.

Upon fracturing a mesh, it does not create a 2nd material for the interior. And if you add one manually - it is never applied. Trying to add a third material and then fracturing results in the editor crashing.

Now it seems as if the Material #0 is forcefully applied to both exterior and interior material slots. This is terrible.

This seems to be working as intended in 4.12.5 and 4.19.2.

If anyone knows of a fix or a workaround - that would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think there is a workaround, but you surely need to submit a form bug report and attach a simple project showing this with repro steps.

Argh blargh. That’s a bummer. I’ve tried to submit a bug report and attached a project.

And here I spent all this time porting my project over from 4.12.5 to 4.21… :rolleyes:


Just found this bug report and there’s a Developer Note stating

Now that’s just pathetic…

This has been a known issue for awhile. Last time it worked for me was 4.16, I haven’t tried it since then. A shame because I used it extensively in 2 gamejam games and the results turned out great.

Sad… totally agree with you.

APEX was deprecated by NVidia in favor of the Blast plugin Is there a reason you can’t use it?

No, there’s no specific issue other than me having to revert back to 4.20, I just like the ease of having the plugin already in the engine and being able to enable it at my own leisure. Using Nvidia Gameworks requires me to recompile the engine and a bunch of stuff which I really don’t care for.

I’ll be checking it out, though.

Getting sick and tired of having to constantly switch between versions in UE4, especially since it takes 40-60 minutes to verify the new version.

Blast is a separate plugin and does not require you to have the whole Gameworks, hopefully will never need it.

It’s standalone, no need to use the engine source. Also, a 4.20 plugin usually works fine in 4.21 (if you include the plugin source).

I must be blind, would you be so kind to link me to the plugin? If it’s quite literally only a plugin - that’s perfectly fine. But I am not able to find it, only a download that has a Setup.bat which downloads 5.5GB of additional files.

There you go: GitHub - NVIDIAGameWorks/Blast: A modular destruction SDK designed for performance and flexibility, replacing APEX destruction

Instructions to build in the github page. The download size is about 360MB.

Yeah that link doesn’t work for me. I’ve been using this and can’t get it to compile for 4.20. It doesn’t seem to be a mere plugin but a bunch of engine modifications as well. At this rate I might as well go back to 4.12 :confused:

I think you need to register as NVidia developer aswel… if you are able to see the UE repo, and not theirs. It took some days for them to enable for me, but that was like 3 years ago, so not sure.

That link is pretty old (one year to two years some portions)… seems like UE 4.17.

Cheers for the help, appreciate it. I’ve applied for access to their GitHub. Also building the UE4 with Blast stuff I found in VS2017 now, so maybe there is some hope still… :slight_smile:

Blast is basically APEX Destruction on steroids and has some properties of Flex as well (For making better gibs via particles could be wrong though) and last I looked at the dev page while it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you can run it in Software mode with out needing to have a nVidia card with Cuda Cores. My main rig is down and my Laptop is an AMD. I hope to get my desktop back up though so I can play with my Titan X again.

I did try it and I’d love to use it as I love Nvidia Gameworks. But it was such a hassle to get working properly, so I’ve chosen to just go with UE 4.18 instead.

Really, so this extremely basic feature of this otherwise awesome and easy to use plugin is just not going to be fixed, and the only work around requires a huge hassle (the entire reason I am using this is that it is NOT a hassle).

This is disappointing to say the least. I don’t understand why, can’t some guy just fix this problem? It was working before

I can just use a very tricky way to fix this. Check the video

Thanks for this!