Destructible Mesh in BP

Hi All, looking for some help. I’m currently putting a few tests together using destructible meshes using Apex. I know it’s no longer supported etc, but it’s working for my initial tests. The problem I have however is using a Destructible Mesh inside a BP if the DM has World Support turned on. It works if not in a BP.

Basic setup… create a destructible mesh (a pillar) and create a static rebar mesh. Place the rebar mesh inside the pillar and shoot at it. The pieces fracture and breakaway, with some sticking to the rebar as expected.

However, if I then create a BP and add the destructible mesh and the rebar to it, when I shoot the pillar, it all breaks away as 1 large chuck and seems to ignore the World Support after the 1st impact.

I can’t seem to find any settings in the BP to fix this. Anyone got any suggestions? Cheers