Destructible Mesh in 4.6

Tim, I am having a lot of trouble selecting chunks in 4.6. It was a lot easier 4.6 preview. Have you tried 4.6? I am using the Shooter game.

I’ve been using them a lot today with no issues. I was testing some things earlier with different setups for damage and fracture.

The only suggestions I would say are to compare it with a template vs something like Shooter Game and to use the explode slider and slide them out just a little bit to select easier.

In your project do DM with 100 cell count. I have the same problem. Can’t select all the chunks in the base of DM.

I’ve created a box with 100 cell count and by setting the explode amount to around 3.5 I’m easily able to select the chunks that make the mesh. At this explode amount the pieces are separated enough that their bounding blue box is not in front of another chunk I want to select. You will need to rotate the camera around to get closer to other chunks just to be able to clearly select them though.

Tim, OK I have it working in FPS the project you created. When I do it in Shooter game the wall is completely destroyed. Need your BP. Or is there another way.

There may be something with the projectile setup for ShooterGame that differs a little. I’m not exactly sure since I never use it.

It should work similarly as all I’m doing is applying a radial damage with my line trace, which may be similar in ShooterGame. I’m not sure since, I believe, a lot of the weapon is setup through code(?) rather than BPs.

With the DM do you have the support depth set to at least 1?


I was able to load ShootGame for a moment and tested the setup. I setup a cube DM in 4.6 with the base having support chunks. Set support depth to 1 with support chunks enabled. The base of the mesh cannot be damaged as in my test project I provided. I didn’t change any other settings than I have previously discussed in previous setups.

Tim, I did the Shooter game to destroy chunks in the middle of the DM. The rocket launcher does a good job. The rifle hardly works at all.

Unless you’re able to adjust the applied damage settings for the rifle in that you’ll probably have a hard time at it. I really don’t use ShooterGame unless I’m looking at a crash that has been referenced with it specifically. It’s really a C++ example and the weapons may be setup via code and not able to be altered. I just don’t know.

Setting up your own projectile and being able to tweak the settings will be the way to go for the most control. You can only go so far with settings for the DM. The rest of the way you’ll need to tweak settings for the projectile.