Destructible Mesh, Import FBX Chunks, Material ID, Multiple Elements, Blueprints? Help? Please.

Hey everyone,

I hit a road block on something in UE4, and I was wondering if the solution leads to doing it in Blueprints.

I have a mesh that I converted to a Destructible Mesh,
In the Destructible Mesh properties, I imported FBX chunks, using a custom one I made. (The custom chunks was done in Maya, with about 100+ chunk pieces under a group)
Under the material section, it shows multiple Elements of each chunk, so I’d have to assign the same material to each of them.

For the custom imported chunks done in Maya, they all have 1 texture/ID assigned on the exterior, and 1 other one assigned to the interior.

In UE4, instead of assigning each of them one by one, is there a possible way to assign a selected number of Elements to one material, and another selection of Elements to another material?