Destructible Mesh Distance Field not working?

I have been testing Raytrace Distance Field Soft Shadows (i use daynight cycle Dynamic light, but when i had all completed and rendering on med quality with good renders, destructible rocks are not affected by this shadow method. I have been trying to give it a try, but i have to use inset shadows (i am not using CSM, it goes hardly bad on performance, so i prefer use Raytrace for long distance and so much better render with less quality shadows, i have scenes with 20 trees in less than 5 metters, so i cant use CSM hypershadows in a dynamic light scene).

This is a question, am i doing something bad, or destructible meshes arent affected by DFS?

U could say, bah its not a problem, but i am using all world destructible in the game, so i would like to use DFS in destructibles. Other solution is to make everything static mesh actor until it takes a shoot, but it would cause a shadow error beetwen not destructible and destructibles, and obviously weird behaviour. If i use inset, not 40k metters to show, so i dont know what to do now to improve the shadows on destructibles. Can someone help me?

Other Way is using Far Shadow Cascade+inset for close range, tricking it, but in my huge landscape, far shadows have lot of impact to the game, so i can activate em only to destructibles, but it gives less performance, and you can construct those destructibles, so bad performance shadowing is not what i am looking for, cause i am sure in huge buildings shadows will perform bad.

Bye bye! And thanks for reading!

Other thing, u know if Inset shadows have better performance than CSM or raytrace? i never had to use em…

EDIT: With Far shadow, only if u use quality 4 it goes well, dont know render.