Destructible Mesh chunk hit event

How can i get hit events, for when a fractured chunk hits the floor?

Destructible Mesh BP has physics simulated and “simulation generates hit events” ticked.
The floor has this as well.

Both are blocking every collision channel.

But i dont get the “On Component Hit Event” fired, when the chunks hit the floor.
And the “Event Hit” only fires once, when the DM hits the ground before fractured.

I KNOW that this has to work because i got it working in version 4.9, but it simply doesnt work in 4.13 anymore.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Hey have you resolved the issue?
We seem to have the exact same problem.

edit: Okay, I just tried it with Version 4.9.2 and 4.14. It works as you said for 4.9 but isn’t in 4.14.