Destructible Landscape

Hi all,
You know the really sweet landscape terrain tool in UE4?
Is there any way for it to be destructed similar to a desctructible mesh?

Hi ShrewGlue,

Landscapes are not considered static meshes and cannot be turned into Destructible Meshes. If you wanted to pursue this kind of action I would suggestion using small static mesh tiles created in a modeling program that can be converted to destructible meshes. I would also limit the number of these being used since all destructible meshes are used on the CPU and not the GPU. It can become a bottle neck really quickly if there are too many. Also there are hard limits on the number of chunks allowed in the scene. Anything over 2000 will be removed immediately on fracture.

Anyway to optimize if I’m planning on having a large amount of DMs in my level?

In your DM make sure you’re using Max Separation or Valid Bounds. This way any chunks that are thrown outside of these bounds will be instantly destroyed. This will free up the chunks simulating physics on the CPU, which can bottleneck performance.