Destructable Meshes Lose Their Textures in 4.16 Builds!

Hi all! I updated my project from 4.15 to 4.16.1 today, and everything has been fine with the exception of one little caveat: destructible meshes loses all materials on Shipping Builds and the Launch Standalone option!

Everything is fine in 4.15, as you can see here:

But in 4.16, they’re completely set to defaults for some reason:

Any ideas as to why? Is there a setting I should update, or is this a bug?

[EDIT] I just went and made a blank project, fractured a starter content chair, and ran in standalone. The game launched, and the textures were there. So I’m quite confused now.

Just completely remaking the assets in the editor did fix it, but I wonder why they defaulted out after updating?