Designing a cockpit, workflow and structure

I am currently building a detailed, working cockpit for a flight-sim type game, and am modeling buttons and switches and gauges. I have tried several different methods to assemble the control panel, all of which work to some degree or other but I would appreciate thoughts and advice on how best to structure this in UE4 so it scales well and will be maintainable and changeable later.

One important point here, I don’t have a finished layout to work towards, so I want to be able to move buttons and switches around until i settle on a nice design. I am currently positioning a socket in blender where I want a switch or gauge, and in ue4 I create a new blueprint derived from my switch actor blueprint, attach to that socket, and add extra code to handle just that switches logic. My switch class applies a rotation or translation to move the switch. This has worked ok for a test involving a few switches but I don’t have enough experience to know if it’ll cause massive problems later when the number of actors goes up over 100.

Are there any better ways to approach this? could I duplicate the mesh data in blender and use bones or animations or something to set switch movement positions? How would I connect the onclicked logic in ue4 to such a setup? Would i run into major problems later if I need to change mesh data to lower poly versions (I’ve been generous with the poly count so far)

Any thoughts appreciated!