Design Question (Unity to Unreal)

I need to build a grid, such that it has n Rows and n Cols (Rows x Cols). Each cell in the grid needs text.

I attempted to do this with 1 procedural mesh, but its too slow. I built this using a procedural mesh per grid cell, and its unusable.

I built the very same in less than a few hours in Unity, but in Unreal, the time its taking is…Unreal.

Any advice on this would be most appreciated.

Thank you,



After another marathon with various mesh constructs, with nothing but dead-ends, I wanted to add more context.

This video was created using Unity (took less than a morning to build this with no prior knowledge!): The Untitled Project.mp4 - Google Drive.

I am trying to create an analog in Unreal, but as I mention, I am not getting anywhere. The following points are where my understanding is right now:

  1. Each mesh has its own draw call (afaict), and the more draw calls the worse performance gets.
  2. I tried creating a large grid of UStaticMeshComponent objects, using the basic Cube asset, but that was incredibly poor performance.
  3. Multiple UProceduralMeshComponent’s, one per grid cell, is also dire.
  4. A single UProceduralMeshComponent with a 2048x2048 cell mesh is fast and EXACTLY what I want, sans a few issues (see below).
  5. Modifying 4 to create a section per cell, is as poor as step 3. I created a section per cell because I need each cell to have its own color, so I have to create a material for each cell too - memory goes through the roof so thats not the right path.

Regarding 4, this works very well - I can create multiple 2048x2048 meshes with full 120 fps. I just dont have a clue how to change a single section of the mesh for each cell, as the color changes or the text would change.

Really hoping someone out there can offer some insight on how I can achieve whats in the video above.

Many thanks,