Design question: How to make/edit array of vector locations around mesh in blueprint

Hi, I have a noob design question for building a collection of fruiting plants - blueberry bush, raspberry bush, apple tree, etc.

I’d like each class of plants to have an array of fruiting locations.
So each plant grows a crop and all the locations get a fruit.
Player can pick fruit from one location, and the rest are still there.

So I made a B_Fruiting with a vector array FruitingLocations.
Then a B_BlueberryBush with B_Fruiting as the parent.

I’m having trouble visualizing the fruiting locations. When I make FruitingLocations an instance variable (which isn’t what I want) I could get 3d widgets on the level, but not in the blueprint editor.

I made some locations on the level, then copied, turned off instance variable and pasted into B_Blueberry bush, but it’s clumsy, I can’t see the locations, and I don’t think this will work when I do another plant like B_AppleTree because it will reset the array on B_BlueberryBush.

How can I get widgets to set these at the B_BlueberryBush and B_AppleTree?

I can C++ but was looking for a BP Prototype.

What’s a better design?

Thank you