Design Phase Advice

Greetings UE Community,

I am starting my first project and I am currently in the design phase listing all the assets that I will need.

Now, I am usually pretty good at spreadsheets and organisation. But, I feel I may be creating to many documents with information scattered across them all. Some of my spreadsheets have multiple worksheets and I can see this growing into a mess.

So, as I am still in the very early stage and can easily make changes. Has anyone got advice on how to structure my documents or a template I could look at to get an idea.

Many thanks


Do a search on Google for “game design document template” … you will find a whole bunch of existing documents as well as blank templates you could use. You can also look at using something like Trello, we use this for Kaboom Arena and it is a very easy way to get all our ideas represented visually (we learn’t this from Epic).

Seeing as though you sound pretty organised … I would probably go for a Game Design Document first and maybe a High Level Overview Document. HTH.