Deriving custom player metrics (Jump Height, Jump Distance, Crouch)

Am trying to follow a more efficient and accurate way of level creation such as the image attached (Unreal Tournament 4), instead of trial-and-error (place BSP/mesh, go in-game and try, re-adjust position)

For example, if the player jump height is affected by a few values (Gravity, JumpZVelocity) but I dont know what’s the formula for calculating the final jump height. I want to know if there’s a proper way to find out the exact value or some means to tweak my blueprint so that the player jump only uses a single float and the value entered will be as is (Value same as actual jump height in game world)

While I’m using jump for an example, I intend to also derive any future player metrics (E.g. teleport, dash)

I’m using a modified character blueprint and using gravity and JumpZVelocity for my jump.