DepthFade, SceneDepth, PixelDepth etc. not working with Raytraced Reflections/Translucency?

I had a water shader built and running in non DXR projects but it doesn’t seem to work with Raytracing on - the culprit nodes appear to be those that sample depth in some form, I believe.
Is this not supported?
My shader was similar to the Translucent Water example content.

If you think about how ray-tracing works, SceneDepth doesn’t make much sense, since it’s a buffer that is valid only during pixel shaders. A ray hit has no concept of screen pixel position.

I’d assumed as such but didn’t consider the principles of raytracing! Thank-you for this. Any advice on how I might progress from here? Any tricks I can do to simulate water depth?

Could you post some screenshots to show the problem? Since RT is still experimental there are a lot of things that aren’t exposed right now.