Depth of Field black since 4.11.0


since updating from 4.10 to 4.11 we get strange DOF artifacts when building our game/in standalone mode. Within PIE everything works fine, but when building our DOF is just black. Take a look at the screenshots, they illustrate what is happening.

Does anyone else encounter this? Any ideas on how to fix this?

EDIT: I did some more testing and it seems to be a problem with fullscreen and DOF in combination. When i start playing in windowed mode everything is fine. If i then switch to fullscreen during my game-session, it works with fullscreen enabled. After restarting the game though (with fullscreen = true), the bug is back.

and this is how it looks like in PIE, with DOF working fine.

our DOF settings are nothing out of the usual…

I hope you can help us out,

Cheers Priareos

Hi Priareos, I just stumbled into your same problem.
I see that the post is dated 04-18 and nobody answered. Did you find any solution for this?