Deploying to webpage for dummies

Hi there, I’ve been trying to learn how to take the content that Unreal 4 spits out when exporting for html5, and get it to work on a website.

I am no programmer, and no web developer. I’ve found step-by-steps but I often get lost by step 2 or 3.

Can anyone break it down for an idiot, exactly what I need to do to get my project hosted on a webpage so someone can just put in a url and play my content on their browser?

Thanks for any intel!

Simplest version I’ve found is Amazon’s S3 service (free, but you need an Amazon account).
Add everything in the HTML folder to what they call a ‘Bucket’ and they’ll generate a URL for you.
(You don’t need to add the HTML5LaunchHelper, but it won’t cause problems if you do)