Deploying Elemental demo to iOS takes 4+ days?

I’ve been trying to deploy the Elemental Demo to iOS and see how it looks and performs. However, it seems to want to compress textures to PVR and it’s been like at least 4 days ever since (about 8-9 hours of build time per day) on a 2014 Mac Mini (Core i5, Dual Core). Is it normal ? I looked in the logs and it seems that it takes like 2 minutes to compress a single texture. This is an insane amount of time for a single texture. As a side note, it “only” took 2 days to build the matinee demo. Is there any option to disable the pvr compression or make it finish faster ?

Under Project Settings->Engine->Cooker you can set the quality to 0 which should make it go as fast as possible.

I don’t know of any option to skip texture compression altogether, but that might be a bad idea in general because you’re going to need 8 to 16 times more memory. It likely wouldn’t be feasible for any map with lots of assets like the Elemental Demo; you’ll just crash the device when it runs out of memory.

The Elemental Demo uses a lot of very large textures, so I’m not surprised it took around 2 mins to compress each one, mip-maps and all.

I doubt you can skip compression, to be honest I’ll be amazed if Elemental runs on iOS at all.

So, does the matinee run good on iOS?

Hi masterburgler,

Matinee is not optimized for mobile in that is uses many assets that are unsupported for mobile development (as outlined in this documentation). However, just for fun I packaged it and ran it on the iPad 4 running 8.0. The project tells you up front when you select iOS as the package format that it is not for mobile and may provide undesirable results. It was laggy, the characters sometimes went invisible, and when they were visible there were many assets that were default materials. So I’d have to say the answer is a resounding ‘no, matinee as it stands does not run well on iOS’. Hope this helps!

The Matinee demo crashes on iOS under 4.7.2. I was told there was a fix coming in 4.8

Hi Ciprian At Facerig,

In 4.7.X packaging Matinee demo for iOS still gives the ‘This project is unsupported for the platform you wish to package’ warning, so even if it were going to be optimized for mobile for 4.8 we are not there yet.

That said, can you point to where this was mentioned, that Matinee demo is going to be supported for iOS in 4.8?