DemoRec / DemoPlay Question (DemoPlay only working within the same session when demoRec was called?)

Hey guys.

I am using the “demorec” and “demoplay” commands from the console to record and replay the game. I want use this feature to record all movements of the character and be able to review the demo at a later point.

If I record and replay the demo within the game everything is working properly. But if I close the game, restart it and try to replay an already recorded demo from the previous session, nothing is happening (I only see the character standing on the starting position).

My question is now: Is it only possible to replay the demo within the same session? I had hoped that I can replay the demo also at a later point because the demo is stored on the filesystem. Or do I need to use some specific settings so that this is possible?

I am using UE and starting the game via the Unreal Editor as a “Standalone Game”.


DemoRec only works if your game is setup for networking properly. If you are not replicating movement, not your state properties, nothing gets recorded and playback is not possible. Try setting your actor to Replicated=true and ReplicatedMovement=true and see what happens.