demo with NPCs?

I tried the Shooter Demo and the Mobile Temple Demo and while both look great, neither seems to have any NPCs. Are there any plans to release a demo project with NPCs?

The Shooter Demo has bots! If you package the game (File / Package) you can play the full thing and host your own game with bots. You can probably change the level in the editor to set it up, but I’ve not tried that.

Thanks Vampatori! It was not obvious in the editor that the demo had bots.

What, you don’t need to package the game. Just right click on the project icon and choose “launch game” and you have the whole thing running as a standalone game! :smiley:

Ahh, I didn’t know that - I thought there might be an easier way. Also, you can just open the ShooterEntry map and hit Play.

It’s an amazing example really, I’ve played worse commercial games! What I’d really love is a full tutorial for this - it’s great for a resource to dig through, but when you’re new you don’t even know where to start digging.