Demo Recording specifics in 4.6

I’m currently on an older version of UE (4.2 I think), and I’m interested in the demo recording functionality of 4.6.
I have a few things that I’d need from this and I haven’t found if they’re possible, yet:

  1. Are you able to seek to a specific time in the recording? Can you seek backwards? Can you PLAY backwards?
  2. Can the recording be output/rendered anywhere, say on a wall as a texture, or something of that nature?
  3. Can you still read information about the objects in the scene, in the recording? For instance, could I get the health of a character at a certain point in the recording?

Trying to figure out the specifics and limitations of this functionality and if I can use it based on my requirements.


I picked up 4.6 and it seems to be that there is no functionality for demos as far as gameplay goes. The use-case seems to be for profiling.

Is there more to it than this, or are there plans to extend demo recording functionality?

I’d really like all the functionality of a killcam, basically… but being able to specify my own recording length, moving a camera through a pre-recorded scene, getting information of the Actors in the scene, all that sort of thing.

The network demo system is really early in development and is pretty barebones right now. I think the intent is to have it as part of spectating and replay features.