Delta time and multiplying it properly by many variables.

Hey. I’m having trouble with setting delta time movement correctly. When the game runs at 120 fps, I get less movement in my Y movement variable vs when the game runs at 60 fps. I’m trying to make a character jump. At 60 fps, his Y speed gets to 23. At 120 fps, it only goes to 8. Could someone help me out with figuring this out? Here’s my Blueprint:

Could be something to do with the Plus Node.

Maybe try use the Plus node at the beginning, then at the end, multiply by DeltaTime.

Edit: After looking again, I do not see any issue with puting the plus in front or later (but its worth a shot nevertheless).

Another shot. Check your deltaTime. Make sure the deltaTime is actually from per tick.
If your DeltaTime is a local/class variable, presumly by setting it to the tick event Deltatime output, depends on how you connect your node, it may not be updated per frame, which may cause the miscalculation.

The safest way to ensure this is use delta time directly from tick event. Try & see how it works.

The delta time is directly set from the event tick and it still has issues.

Try tracking the values at runtime Via log or Debug.