Deleted Player Start - Help!

Hello, I have created a fairly large map for a Day-Z zombie survival game thing I’m making. rather than try to manipulate the player start from a mountain on one side of the map to a valley on the other side, I deleted the player start, and dropped in a new one at my desired location (It isn’t a dependency of anything, right?). Now when I hit play, I am spawned in nothing but sky. Not my landscape or my meshes or even my player pawn are visible. This is making it very difficult to test my environment!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Nate Olson

Update! I have found that, if the player start is placed at 0,0,0, the character mesh shows up and spawns properly. I have no idea what to do with other coordinates

@NateOlson17 You have the right idea. If the player wont spawn when you place the player start, it means it’s too close to something ( like the ground or a mesh )…