Deleted a lot of comments in my files and now I can't compile

Hey all, so I’m nearing the end of my game production, and I was deleting all my GEngine stuff and extra comments to clean up the code when I must have deleted something incorrect. Now I can’t compile, and I get a ton of errors that don’t really help me out much. They’re all coming from Script.h and ObjectBase.h which I didn’t touch, so I’m assuming that somewhere there’s a disconnect?

I checked over my files with an old backup save, and all the standard files like the GameMode and all that are identical, so I’m not sure what the problem could be… Any help would be appreciated!

With the gracious help of an Epic employee, we were able to find the problem.

I believe that the naming of my files was to blame, since I had files named things like “string.h” and “shape.h” which probably had some conflicts with internal engine files. Neither of us are sure why it only came up at this stage, but after changing the file names to unique names, the problems went away.

Moral of the story: WATCH YOUR FILE NAMES.