Delete inhertiance?

im new with UE4 and i tryed to do an FPS with the starter kit, i had my own gun model made with blender, and i trued to delete de pre made gun, but i cant, is it because it is “inhierted” and if it is, how do i change an object to stop beeng inhierted.


Hi Hugo050502. If You just want to change the weapon model just click the mesh and in its properties tab (righ of your screen) change the referenced skeletal mesh to your own (it will appear in the dropdown list, under mesh). To do this you have to click on the Edit Blueprint button.

If you want to remove an inherited component, you will have to edit the base class of that object. Click Edit Blueprint and then, on the top of the screen you will see "Parent Class: class name ", class name being the parent class of the object. It might requiere some coding if the parent class is not made in blueprints (most probable case). However I would not recomend you to delete inherited values since that can break functionality for other clases that might be derivated from that same parent class.

Another thing you can do is just set all the values for that mesh to null (click the clear button on the dropdown menu for the referenced skeletal mesh); and just add another mesh component. I would choose the first solution, since its the intended workflow.

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Hope this helps. Cheers.