Delays and nodes.

I am calling a function in my weapon class, from my character class. The weapon class has a delay in the function/event of 2 seconds. There is another delay of 2 seconds in my character class, right after calling the function in the weapon class. Does the character class wait for the delay in the weapon class to execute the next node or does it just call the function and continute without delay?

You could test it out by putting some print strings after/before the delays, either way, I think it should go through the delays from what I’ve seen in my blueprinting.

Say we have the following graph:

FirstText will be printed to the screen before DelayText is. Event BeginPlay will fire, execute EventWithDelay, and then move on to PrintString without waiting for EventWithDelay to finish.

However, if we have a macro that has a delay, and then prints a string, things will work out differently:

Event BeginPlay will fire, MacroWithDelay will be executed. The macro will run it’s delay, print the string, and then exit, and move on to print FirstText. [MENTION=38122]black cat[/MENTION];

Ok so an event or function that was called will run along side the existing code and not delay it. But a macro will, because a macro is simply compressed regular code called in sequence?

Basically, yes. [MENTION=38122]black cat[/MENTION];