Defragmenting my drives seems to have broken many parts of my project

I ran a defragmentation program (iobit defrag free) and afterward it seems like dependancies related to plugins are broken. Specifically I’m using the midi asset plugin, and a whole bunch of nodes threw an error after the defrag. I checked the settings the plugins are still active and then I also checked to see if plugin content was displayed in the content browser. The plugin content check box didn’t show anything new in the content browser, then selecting to display engine content revealed all the plugins and their code. Idk I think this is a problem with the defrag I ran and I’m afraid I will have to re setup everything now.

Does anyone know a fix?

I fixed this issue by re-importing the assets with broken dependancies. The dependancies themselves were ok. Maybe it has something to do with the way Uassets save directories. I think defragmenting may affect them in some cases?