Deformed exported object

Hi people :slight_smile:

I am what you will consider a total newbie to this, as i have only been using Blender an UE3 for about a month. So there might be a lot of knowledge you have and take for granted, that i am not at all even aware of.
So if you have the solution for my problem, answer as you would to a 6 year old child :slight_smile:

I have made a simple house that i would like to import in UE4, but when i do, the subobjects that comprises the house, is rotated, and moved oddly.

I use this export configuration:

I have updated blender with buildbot, and i have set all objects origins to 0,0,0, as these were suggested solutions to other peoples problems. However, they havenโ€™t seem to have an effect in my situation.

Hpoe you can help, and hope i have have posted in the right forum.


ok looks like a lot of inverted faces there, if your just starting out with blender and UE4 i suggest have a look at my blender and blender->UE4 playlists as they cover the workflow required to get models into game.

it maybe something simple like you havenโ€™t done the uvw mapping yet thats causing the problem