Deform Mesh?


im looking for a way to deform a mesh in runtime but keep coming up against brick walls. so i put it to you, this wonderful community, how would you do it?

first i thought of using soft body physics but it doesnt seem to be implemented, ideas?
then i took a look at the procedural mesh example, but there doesnt seem to be a way of doing anything with an imported mesh triangles, ideas?

any other ideas?

sorry to be so vague, just looking for a way in atm

Dear Tegleg,

Are you trying to deform the mesh in a predicable way each time?

If so you could use morph targeting!

I directly control morph target value using C++, and I make the morph target in 3ds max.

What are your exact goals?


hello Rama
thanks for the reply

i want to be able to damage a mesh from collisions and projectile hits.
morph targets are not ideal as i would need to have loads of them to cover all situations, and the pre-defined nature of them would not produce realistic results.

something along the lines of this

You can find clues how to implement something like this in SplineMeshComponent source code
Basically it get triangles data from static mesh, then deforms static mesh to fit it along the spline and calculate new collision, so it worth a look I think!

thats a good idea thanks zeOrb ill take a look

Sorry to bring up an old post but I am trying to do something similar and was wondering if you ever managed to work this out?

Have you made this to work? any tips?