Deform Mesh

Hello everyone,

I’m working in a project where the goal is to deform a retangular billet by smashing it with a press (static cube mesh). For this, the billet is generated as a procedural mesh and the vertices array is updated whenever the press goes down to the billet superior sections. There is no physics, no collision, it’s done just based on the positions of the billet vertices and the press bottom.

There is a better way to change the billet mesh? Can I change the vertices of a static mesh?

You cannot change the vertices of a static mesh.

You can apply skinned (bone) animation, and you can apply morph target (vertex) animation, to a skeletal mesh. Thus, you may be able to animate the squashing of the rectangular mesh in something like Maya or Blender, and export that animation, and then set the “time/frame” of the animation to correspond to the degree of squash the object needs.

You can also use a procedural mesh, where you calculate the vertices as appropriate using math. It sounds like that’s what you’re currently doing, and that’s a fine way to go, too.