DefaultPawn not being instantiated after a Seamless Travel?

Hey, guys. A little confused, here.

Switching from level to level works fine with a hard switch (“Open Level” blueprint node), no problem. But as my game will later be a multi-player title, and because I wish to persist music and perhaps other objects across loads, I was told to use Seamless Travel. So, basically, when I reach the endpoint on the map RoomA, I call GetWorld->SeamlessTravel(“RoomB”).

I was met with a metric ton of errors when I tried this, and apparently the DefaultPawn (basically just the “ThirdPersonCharacter” from the template project) is not being spawned in as he would if I started with RoomB in the first place. Why is this so? I’ve tried both editor window, PIE, and standalone. Do I need to spawn him in manually at the PlayerStart actor?

I don’t fully understand the exact mechanisms that spawn the DefaultPawn from the Game Mode settings. It seems pretty buried. I’ve just been happy to hit play and have my little guy appear.

Halp ; ;